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Flywheel IT Services

A company formed to consolidate the IT Services market, and thereby provide much better services to UK businesses.

IT Services in the UK

IT Services in the UK are currently delivered by thousands of small firms that often provide good service, yet are unfortunately indistinguishable from each other except by their geography. The unnecessary cost of duplicating identical capabilities is ultimately borne by UK

We are currently professionalising the operations of the businesses we acquire, which allows us to develop tailored services for our specific customer’s needs. This is a level of tailored care and service not possible to customers of the smaller, fragmented companies.

IT Support

Support, this is what we do and we’ve always done this. It used to be the hardware that needed help, now it’s you.

Cyber security

A key part of any businesses growth, especially with the introduction of stricter laws and regulations

Telephony & Connectivity

VoIP, the technology has evolved into something that does offer advantages over traditional systems.

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